How can I make a difference?

That was the question I asked myself.  How can I make a positive impact?  How can I help organizations I care about?  There are so many – too many to choose from.  By supporting one, another missed out.  Whether it was time, money or energy, I just couldn’t help everyone that needed an extra push.  In other work as a photographer, I did what I could to help, but unfortunately the volume of need is greater than the amount of time I could give and keep the business sustainable.

Then a friend, who I’d known for some time, asked if I could support a cause he cared deeply about. How could I help?  I’d been seeing paracord survival bracelets and was interested in them personally… then the lightbulb turned on.  Could I create a product that advocates of an organization could wear to show their support?

Enter CauseCords.

With each CauseCord sold, I’m able to donate directly to an organization that my customer cares about.  I can make an impact by donating real dollars to groups that are doing good in the world, and at the same time am able to help their backers show their support with a useful accessory.

I hope you enjoy your CauseCord – and continue to support the causes you believe in.