Fundraising with CauseCords at Your Event

From car washes to bake sales, auctions to telethons, sporting events and beyond – events can be a fun way for an organization to raise money for important causes.  By offering CauseCords at your event, you can give your supporters something tangible in return for their donations that they can show off to the world – a conversation starter to get more people to support your cause.

How can you partner with CauseCords to help raise even more money at your fundraising events?

How can you partner with CauseCords to help raise even more money at your fundraising events?

How It Works

There are 3 options for event partnerships with CauseCords, and we donate up to $10 from the sale of each CauseCord back to your organization:

  1. Bulk Purchase.  Offer CauseCords to your supporters as part of their participation fee.  This is great for team-based events, company participation in a race, or any other event where you know you’ll need a lot of CauseCords.  You can also set your own sale price to make sure your donation needs are met.  This option comes with the lowest cost per CauseCord to maximize your fundraising efforts, with bulk pricing starting at just 25 CauseCords and a sliding donation scale.
  2. Gifts With Donations.  Are you offering gifts at certain donation levels as part of a specific drive?  Make CauseCords one of the gifts!  Lock in your cost based on a minimum order, but your purchase isn’t necessary until after the event.
  3. Take Orders Onsite. Order a few display CauseCords to show off, and receive all the tools necessary to take orders at your event.  Forward those orders to CauseCords and we’ll fulfill those orders directly to your supporters.

Interested in partnering with CauseCords to increase donations at your event? Contact CauseCords for more info!

PS – If your event in the Seattle area, CauseCords may be available to be at your event personally and take the extra load off your shoulders.  Get in touch!